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Gay: a synonym for homosexual in English and some other languages, sometimes used to describe only males who are attracted primarily to other males.

Iran’s penal code criminalizes all sexual relations engaged in outside of traditional marriage and specifically bans same-sex conduct regardless of whether it is consensual in nature.

Gender Identity: a person’s internal, deeply felt sense of being female or male, or something other than female or male.

Gender-based violence: violence directed against a person on the basis of gender or perceived sexual orientation.

The incidents often occur in parks and cafes, but Human Rights Watch also documented cases in which security forces raided homes and monitored internet sites for the purpose of detaining people they suspected of engaging in non-conforming sexual conduct or gender expression.

The report also documents instances in which police and basij allegedly ill-treated and in some cases tortured actual or suspected LGBT people, both in public spaces and in detention facilities.

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