Dating for ranchers

2) Again, all the standards — the wreath, tree, menorah, candelabras — have already been put in place.

But when the grandchildren arrive (or when you get to their house), roll out the crayons and paper and have them draw their own version of Holiday 2008.

The phrase “vested water rights” will grab the attention of most Nevada Ranchers, as well as ranchers all across the western United States.

This is because Nevada’s water laws, like other states in the West, are founded on what is called the “prior appropriation doctrine.” The prior appropriation doctrine allocates water based on the “first in time, first in right” principle.

Spread the peanut butter in the crevices of the cone. 16) Shop with your grandchildren for their parent's gifts. Gift them with decorative picture frames, sachets, healthy treats, or handmade treasure or jewelry boxes.

A couple of wreath- or tree-shaped Styrofoam forms, ribbon, old buttons, sequins, and some straight dressmaker pins to hold the decorations to the form are all you and your grandkids need. If there aren't any, make one of your own and invite the neighbors. Think of easy, even silly, activities for the young ones, and tougher things for the older ones. Purchase some graham crackers, candy dots, and icing, and spend the afternoon making a one-of-a-kind house.

For dreidles, cut Styrofoam cubes to resemble tops, then decorate. For the littlest ones who aren't ready for a full-length performance, there are plenty of abbreviated versions around the country and even ones that tweak the storyline to make it more homespun. Have the grandchilden help you prepare finger sandwiches. Remember it doesn't have to look perfect, but it will hold together well if you mount the crackers on a small milk or juice carton, with the peaked top serving as the roof. For example, the Adams Family Farm in Wilmington, Ver., offers Fondue Night Sleigh Rides on Wednesday evenings. Cooking a batch is much more fun then opening a store-bought package. On a cold winter's night, it will warm your soul, no matter what pitch you hit.

Grandchilden can get antsy, even irritable, when looking for something to do during winter gatherings, while the family is cooped up indoors.

Here's the ultimate list of things to do with the grandchildren to make the togetherness this season perfectly delightful.

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