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(The name Yale is the Anglicised spelling of the Welsh toponym, Iâl.from the family estate at Plas yn Iâl near the village of Llandegla, Denbighshire, Wales).A 1746 graduate of Yale, Stiles came to the college with experience in education, having played an integral role in the founding of Brown University in addition to having been a minister.Stiles' greatest challenge occurred in July 1779 when hostile British forces occupied New Haven and threatened to raze the College.The feud caused the Mathers to champion the success of the Collegiate School in the hope that it would maintain the Puritan religious orthodoxy in a way that Harvard had not.In 1718, at the behest of either Rector Samuel Andrew or the colony's Governor Gurdon Saltonstall, Cotton Mather contacted the successful Boston born businessman Elihu Yale to ask him for financial help in constructing a new building for the college.

It moved to New Haven in 1716 and shortly after was renamed Yale College in recognition of a gift from British East India Company governor Elihu Yale.Yale has graduated many notable alumni, including five U. Soon thereafter, a group of ten Congregational ministers: Samuel Andrew, Thomas Buckingham, Israel Chauncy, Samuel Mather, Rev.James Noyes II (son of James Noyes), James Pierpont, Abraham Pierson, Noadiah Russell, Joseph Webb and Timothy Woodbridge, all alumni of Harvard, met in the study of Reverend Samuel Russell in Branford, Connecticut, to pool their books to form the school's library. The school moved to Saybrook, and then Wethersfield.The emphasis on classics gave rise to a number of private student societies, open only by invitation, which arose primarily as forums for discussions of modern scholarship, literature and politics.The first such organizations were debating societies: Crotonia in 1738, Linonia in 1753 and Brothers in Unity in 1768.

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  1. It's not every semester that GDI's have the opportunity to be dressed up to the nines, and they take full advantage of it. You two made a connection outside of Greek life, which forced you to step outside your comfort zone.