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The sleek and compact white design would fit perfectly in modern homes and shouldn’t take up a lot of space either.

The priciest robots have up to six modes, including auto, where you can programme it to move around a space until it runs out of battery; turbo, which is the most powerful mode and picks up the most dirt and dust; and spot cleaning, where you can get it to focus on a particular area.

Sweeper brushes stick out from the side and sweep in dust and dirt to be sucked up, whereas brush bars live underneath and work to suck up dirt from floor surfaces.

So before you buy, think about what your priorities are – do you want good suction, have lots of tight spots around your home that need cleaning, or obstacles that will need avoiding?

It has good suction, the power of which can be increased by switching on the turbo mode (this increases the machine’s speed and noise, too).

It didn’t get stuck on the large rug in the middle of our testing room, which was a problem for some.

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