Updating access records in vb6

Print "Field [" & mcstr Attach Field & "] is an Attachment field." Else Debug.

Print "Field [" & mcstr Attach Field & "] is NOT an Attachment field." End If If Is Field Attachment(dbs, mcstr Table Name, mcstr IDField) Then Debug.

Fields(mcstr IDField) For int Counter = 1 To int Count Debug.

Print " - " & astr File Names(int Counter) Next int Counter rst. Print int Count = Get Attachment Table File Names(dbs, mcstr Table Name, mcstr Attach Field, mcstr Filter, astr File Names) Debug.

Print mcstr Sample File1 & " added to the first record." Else Debug. Edit If Delete Attachments From Field(fld, mcstr Sample File1) Then Debug. NETVisual Basic Tutorials Simple Login Tutorial - Visual Basic .Private Const mcstr Sample Path As String = "C:\Total Visual Source Book 2013\Samples\" Private Const mcstr Sample DB As String = mcstr Sample Path & "Sample.accdb" Private Const mcstr Sample File1 As String = "Test.txt" Private Const mcstr Sample File2 As String = "Test File.txt" Private Const mcstr Table Name As String = "Customers-Complex" Private Const mcstr Attach Field As String = "Attachment" Private Const mcstr IDField As String = "Customer ID" Private Const mcstr Filter As String = "Customer ID = 'NWIND'" Private Const mcstr Filter FMS As String = "Customer ID = 'FMS'" Private Sub Example_mod Attachment Fields Info() Dim dbs As DAO. Open Recordset(mcstr Table Name, db Open Dynaset, db See Changes) Set fld = rst. Move First My question is can we add multiple records at a time by saying rsa.addnew and at the end saying rsa.updatebatch? Open the Recordset in ad Lock Batch Optimistic mode , (With Static or Keyset Cursor). It gives the error message "[Microsoft][ODBC Text Driver] Updating data in a linked table is not supported by this ISAM." What can be done for this? How many changes will you be making, how large is the file and how do you currently know which record you want to change. OLEDB.4.0; Data Source=" & sql1 & "\; Extended Properties=""text; HDR=Yes; FMT=Delimited""" sql="def.csv" Set rsa = New ADODB. Open "select * from " & sql & " order by 1,10", cn, ad Open Dynamic, ad Lock Batch Optimistic, ad Cmd Text rsa. But still it don't allow to change the data or delete records.

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