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We’re pretty much a family of introverts, and some of us haven’t always lived with others of us.In other words, we all need our space, and we need our spaces to be flexible because we live in lots of different configurations: sometimes one kid, sometimes two kids, sometimes a different two kids, sometimes three kids, and sometimes just two adults.Simplicity and sustainability are ideas we like a lot. It’s just a different kind of old-school cool (now that the ’70s were 40 years ago).Buying a house we can afford that works for the life we really live (as opposed to one we might dream about) seems like a different kind of cool. Maybe our community isn’t full of great stuff and interesting people. We’ve got sidewalks and streetlights and just as many big trees as any established city neighborhood. While corner lots always tend to have more space, those aren’t the only ones with some breathing room.Rick is the guy who put in our awesome cork floors, and Rick’s wife is Brooke, a lovely 30something who loves our house. ” Now, Brooke is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met and I’m thinking she puts a positive spin on just about everything, but when I heard her talk about her Grandma’s house, I knew we weren’t crazy to think that the split level is a house whose time is coming.

With an asking price of 4,900, we think this was a good deal. And finally, even though we do have more strip malls per capita than any place should, we do have a tiny “downtown” area that dates back to the time our bedroom community was mostly farmland.This house works for all of them, giving each of us plenty of room to do our own thing, both together and separately.Our kitchen is roomy enough to hold a table for eating, so we’re using the dining room as a different kind of space.I’ve worked in this city (because it is a city in its own right) for years, and I always took some pride in living somewhere else.I’d tell people where I worked with a smirk, quick to add that I didn’t actually But here I am now, and I’m damned if I’m going to be all hangdog and sheepish about where we live–or spend the years we’ll be here wishing I were somewhere else.

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(And we know the table can be pulled away from the wall and used as a dining table on those rare occasions when we need a dining room.) The Talking Room is one of our favorite parts of the house, but it was a little hard to imagine the first time we saw it.

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