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Unfortunately (See below for supported PTZ cameras or contact sales if you have questions.)6. While we’ve really liked the Microsoft Life Cam Cinema in the past, we’ve found over time that its video performance has been inconsistent and its driver bloated.

It also claims to put out HD video at 30 fps although I couldn’t get it to go over 15 fps at 720p.

As of July 2015, a product called Google Hangouts became the default application that allows you to chat using video and audio through Gmail.

On a desktop or laptop, you can access Google Hangouts directly from the side panel in Gmail.

Logitech also offers a complete solution with the Logitech GROUP which already includes a speakerphone in a very sleek design. This means a fairly complicated setup that requires you to use the video capture device that Globalmed provides with it.

**Only the VSee customized version of the Minrray PTZ works with VSee.

Its bulbs last 50,000 hours and battery lasts 90 minutes on a single charge.

We have tested a wide variety of cameras with VSee, and pretty much anything that works with Windows Direct Show will give you a satisfactory experience, but a few webcams really stand out for video calling with their superior image quality due to superior optics and optical auto-focus.1.

For more information about VSee telepresence system, to see VSee’s remote PTZ feature in action, or to purchase a customized Minrray for VSee, please contact sales.It can also work for telemedicine, like this cost-effective VSee-Intermountain tele-NICU setup using 3 Logitech C920 webcams. Logitech C925e works great for businesses and is affordably priced. The Right Light™ 2 Technology intelligently adjusts to improve visual quality in low-light and backlit venues.It also has a privacy shutter that allows you to close the lens when you are not on the video call (or don’t want to be). If you’re on a tighter budget, Logitech B525 is a good quality camera at . It still has the clip that can attach to your laptop, and can be easily tucked away when not in use.4.For a little bit more money, the Logitech Webcam C930e (~0) for businesses is an excellent webcam that gives you a really spectacular, smooth HD video experience. The Logitech BCC950 Conference Cam is the updated version of the now discontinued Logitech Quick Cam Orbit AF.It’s a nice choice for telemedicine with its wide 90-degree diagonal field of view and Pan-Tilt-Zoom. It also has a 9″ stick mount for eye-level video conferencing.

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