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In heraldry, an escutcheon, or scutcheon, is the shield displayed in a coat of arms.The escutcheon shape is based on the Medieval shields that were used by knights in combat.In Canada, the restriction against women's bearing arms on a shield has been abrogated.Noncombatant clergy also have used the lozenge and the cartouche or an oval for their armorial display.This includes a stylised description of the escutcheon (shield), the crest, and, if present, supporters, mottoes, and other insignia.The language is an anglicised version of Norman French and does not always match modern heraldic French: for example the colour green is called in heraldic French.The following are the points of the shield used in blazons to describe where a charge should be drawn: 1 - Dexter Chief 2 - Middle Chief 3 - Sinister Chief 4 - Dexter Base 5 - Middle Base 6 - Sinister Base 7 - Honour Point 8- Fess Point 9 - Nombril Point An inescutcheon is a smaller shield that is shown within or superimposed over the main shield.This may be used for heraldic style, in pretence (to bear another's arms over one's own), to bear one's own personal arms over the territorial arms of one's domains, as an augmentation of honour, or as a simple charge.

Warriors often decorated their shields with patterns and mythological motifs.

As women did not go to war, they did not bear a shield.

Instead, their arms were shown on a lozenge — a rhombus standing on one of its acute corners or a cartouche.

On the right are the arms of George IV His Quarterly, I and IV Gules three lions passant guardant in pale Or (for England); II Or a lion rampant within a tressure flory-counter-flory Gules (for Scotland); III Azure a harp Or stringed Argent (for Ireland); overall an inescutcheon tierced in pairle reversed (for Hanover), I Gules two lions passant guardant Or (for Brunswick), II Or a semy of hearts Gules a lion rampant Azure (for Lüneburg), III Gules a horse courant Argent (for Westfalen); on that another inescutheon Gules, Charlemagne crown Or (Elector of Hanover); the whole inescutcheon surmounted by a crown.

Inescutcheons also appear in personal and civic armory as simple common charges, such as in the arms of Portugal or the Swedish Collegium of Arms which bears the three crowns of Sweden, each upon its own escutcheon within the field of the main shield A new coat of arms was granted to Kate Middleton's father shortly before her marriage to Prince William in 2011.

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